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Student grants for ECRO 2017

ECRO 2017: 14 grants for students (500 € each for travel outside the member country or 300 € within the member country) will be supported by ECRO for our 2017 Me...

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2017-2018 Rose Marie PANGBORN Scholarship

One $15,000 Sensory Science Scholarship will be awarded for the 2017-2018 academic year to support a Ph.D. student who intends to teach and conduct research in the area of senso...

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First Women in Olfactory Science event 2017

A message from Valentina Parma: Join us in Trieste, Italy on October 5-6th for the first Women In Olfactory Science (WIOS) event. Founded in early 2016 by chemosensory resea...

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CHEMOSENSORS Travel Awards 2017

The Journal CHEMOSENSORS sponsors two travel awards for postdocs and PhD students to attend an International Conference of their choice in 2017 ( 800 Swiss Francs each). Additio...

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