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ECRO Donors

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Welcome to the ECRO Website

The goal of ECRO is to promote fundamental and applied research in chemosensory science especially olfaction and taste in vertebrates and invertebrates. ECRO is financed by individual member subscriptions and by donations from industry and research institutions. To facilitate participation of younger scientists ECRO supports travel grants for students.

The ECRO website is a pathway between academic researchers, industry, scientists and students. Information about active researchers in chemosensory science can be found in our member list. Students and postdoc searching for a laboratory to study olfaction and taste can get valuable information in the Congress Abstracts or the Member's list.

ECRO encourages members to organise minisymposia on specific topics for brainstorming discussions.

ECRO 1971
ECRO 1971

ECRO Newsletter No 87

The latest ECRO newsletter No 87 has been published July 2014. Download.

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